Dear lefties, keep on fighting.

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Trump has not conceded to Biden after he lost the election. Instead, the president accused his opponent of cheating. Despite not having any compelling evidence, the Trump campaign is going to dispute the result of the election in the courts. And while some believed that…

Biden might have to betray Bernie and co.

biden, trump, election2020, republican, democrat, bernie, sanders, aoc, maga

Again, Trump has defied all odds. And again, the pollsters were wrong. The presidential election proved to be more competitive than expected. Given Trump’s unpopularity, some people expected that there could be a blue wave. As this article is published, Pennsylvania, Arizona…

America’s global influence is at stake — but it might not be bad for the world

Trump, Biden, 2020 Election, US Election, Politics, Democrat, Republican, USA

For almost four years, the world has witnessed how Trump made a mockery out of the United States. “He has gone rogue” might be the best caption to highlight his presidency. His lack of respect for norms and traditions caused anger for so many. Especially, his fiercest opponent, which is…

D. Permana

An independent writer with an independent mind. Most time, I write about American politics from a third world perspective — or the other way around.

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